About me

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Hi, I'm 20 years old and I'm currently a last year student in a 2 year computer science course in France (DUT Informatique). I was born in England and later moved to France and have been here since the age of 12. I enjoy playing football and over various sports, as well as socialising. I'm also the vice-president of a gaming association that organises gaming events in France (Lan Parties)


Work & Projects

Auberge de Blanzay

A website for a bar & restaurant in a village close to where I live, with small administration features


Library manager

As part of a university project we had to develop in a group of 5 a application in C that could manage a library. Actions like adding books, deleting, changing, searching aand so on.


Another web project as part of a university project, this time working with a real client. The website is a platform where musicians can meet other musical professionals and start projects with them

Paradise Gaming

Website for the association of witch I'm vice president, I've also created the website for their events